We are passionate about taking care of your Toddlers

Welcomed from the age of 24 months, children enjoy a space in Toddlers that matches their inquisitiveness and energy. Significantly, they will have well-considered furnishings and learning resources accessible at all times.

With your child’s growing independence, their reliance on adults is eased slightly. Thus, we ensure that each team member has no more than four children to support at any one time. Doing so we see children at this age and stage thrive.

Additionally, toddlers continue to develop with a focus on the three prime areas and are more fully introduced to four more specific areas that support their growing enthusiasm for exploring their world. These are literacy, mathematics, understanding the world, and expressive art and design. As the children go about their play, our educators sprinkle texts, books, sounds and numbers around them, promoting your child’s curiosity. There will always be space and opportunity for them to create their own work and art, being encouraged to have a go themselves inspired by the world around them.

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